Combining the Best of New Technology with Established Marketing Knowledge

It appears that healthcare in the next few decades may well undergo a radical transformation. Squeezed by political and social pressures, change is inevitable.

The many options that families will have for choosing healthcare, along with new controls and restrictions on insurance carriers, may actually lower profits for existing medical practices. Accordingly, it seems more important than ever before that every medical professional look beyond current operations for ways to enhance their practice and survive the massive, potentially restrictive changes coming their way.

Our mission at Innovative Healthcare (IH) is to help doctors find new and technologically advanced equipment and cost-conscious treatments to offer existing patients and attract new ones. A medical practice will then be able to expand into new areas and in some instances use products for cash billing, thereby circumventing the tedious and labor-intensive process of negotiating with insurance companies.

Other opportunities will include products already approved for coding and ready to go. With over 35 years of experience in medical and targeted marketing, the IH team is ready to demonstrate how you as a medical professional can employ new ideas and equipment to treat diverse illnesses in a cost-effective way, using trained medical assistants to administer and monitor some of the treatments.

Introducing new ideas to treat existing conditions resistant to traditional methods is the 21st century approach to increasing private practice billing while minimizing liability. Patients will thank you for providing them with real solutions to their everyday health problems.


Richard Gant
Chief Executive Officer
Innovative Healthcare, LLC


Richard Gant began helping business professionals become more successful more than 25 years ago. Having been especially successful in growing his own company, The Profit Enhancement Group, Mr. Gant focused on working with financial professionals, creating broad and diversified marketing programs to help them reach a highly segmented market of qualified investors. Avoiding the many restrictions controlling this industry was no easy task, but Mr. Gant and his clients were highly satisfied with the results.

With this strong experience of segmenting an elite market with many agency controls, Mr. Gant then brought his expertise to the medical field, where he created and built Innovative HealthCare Solutions, LLC (IH), a company that sold decompression equipment to doctors. After five years, IH became the #1 company in the country selling decompression equipment.

With the medical industry about to experience massive changes, a strong need has emerged for doctors to add alternative sources of income to their practices. Embracing this new challenge, Innovative Healthcare, LLC was born to answer the challenges doctors will undoubtedly face in this new medical climate. IH is dedicated to finding innovative medical equipment for medical professionals to use.  β€œThe goal,” says Mr. Gant, β€œis to give doctors a chance to earn from new sources, by expanding their practice in new directions with innovative products that provide beneficial solutions for mainstream medical conditions.”


Dr. Mel Shadowens
National Medical Director
Innovative Healthcare, LLC


Dr. Mel Shadowens has a PhD in Neurophysiology and was the President and CEO of MedTrak Technologies, Inc. He is a hearing and balance professional with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and medical training related to neurological problems of vertigo, dizziness, balance disorders and audiology. He was also a former consultant to the Surgeon General of the USAF.

Dr. Shadowens' expertise in this health care sector is especially valuable to us as we strive to provide knowledgeable expertise to physicians who want to help their older patients eliminate the pain and suffering due to unnecessary fall-related injuries. We are very pleased to have Dr. Shadowens as our National Medical Director.

Some of his past accomplishments are:

Associate Corps Chief, United States Air Force
Consultant United State Air Force Surgeon General
200+ Professional Presentations and Publications
30+ years of experience in Vestibular Assessment

He was also Director for each of the following::

Balance Program Barrows Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ
United States Navy Balance Center, San Diego, CA
United States Air Force Balance Center, Wilford Hall Medical Center