Innovative Healthcare’s Low-Price Guarantee

We guarantee to save you at least $1,000 on any valid offer* for any VNG (Videonystagmography) equipment that is equivalent** to the Balance+Plus VNG System!

Occasionally, doctors and practices talk to people who claim to have better equipment and better marketing or new or used equipment at a cheaper price. We know we have the best equipment, the best marketing support, and the best price!
To back up this statement, we have a written guarantee that we give to doctors who are looking into purchasing fall assessment and treatment equipment to treat dizziness, vertigo and various fall risk problems.

Low-Price Guarantee. The Purchase Price for a complete, turn-key Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Program is guaranteed to be One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) less than any valid offer* presented to IH by the Practice (Purchase Price). This Purchase Price shall be paid in accordance with the Payment Schedule as set forth in our Purchase Agreement once the exact price is determined and shall include any agreed upon marketing, training and support.

Covenants and Restrictions. In order to take advantage of IH’s Low-Price Guarantee: (1) the Practice must present a valid offer* in writing from another party willing to sell the Practice a Fall Assessment Program that is equivalent** to the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Program showing the purchase price they are asking (including the equipment being offered and all support to be included in that price); and (2) the option to purchase the Equipment at that price is transferable to IH (i.e., IH could purchase the equipment at that same price).

It doesn't make sense to purchase used or inferior equipment or to deprive yourself of the best marketing available to help grow your practice without at least finding out what IH has to offer. Call us now and let us tell you about all the value added services and marketing support we provide, not to mention the finest cutting-edge fall assessment and treatment equipment available today. Once you have compared equipment, price, and support, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Also, beware of people who make you sign a non-disclosure agreement just to "give you a good price." This would preclude you from sharing that price with us and ultimately prevent you from receiving the best price and most value for your money. We provide the best marketing tools and support in the industry and we have the most sophisticated and effective equipment too.  Don't settle for second best, when you can have the best ... for less!

Call now for more information on our line of Balance+Plus equipment or to get a copy of our Low-Price Guarantee: (800) 526-5557.

* A valid offer must be in writing, presented to IH for validation, and transferable to IH. In case another vendor claims they will sell you the equipment below their actual cost, IH wants the right to purchase the equipment from them for the price they are offering in order to validate their price is real.
** Equivalent equipment must have at least a Dual Channel, Single Camera Goggle Assembly, Interface Controller, Active Head Rotation (AHR) Infrared Transmitter, Active Head Rotation (AHR) Infrared Receiver, DC Power Supply, Laptop Computer, Footswitch, and Report Printer and their program should include an equivalent marketing and training package.