Innovative Healthcare's "Patient Education Program" for the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment and VNG Systems

IH provides various levels of marketing and educational support to help ensure that doctors with balance and fall assessment equipment can be more successful.  You will be able to share your fall assessment program with as many patients and referring doctors as possible.  Listed below are some of the easy-to-use educational materials and promotional programs we have developed for our Balance+Plus doctors, now available to you.

Intensive Professional Training... a certified technician/trainer will: (1) travel to the office and set up all the equipment; (2) spend 2-3 full days training the doctor(s) and staff on how to use the equipment; and (3) set the practice up with a Board Certified Neurologist who will do 30 interpretations over a 60-day period to help train the doctor or staff on how to read the reports. (Value: $5,000)

    Unique Fall Assessment Survey... designed to find out if patients have fallen in the past or may be predisposed to falling in the future which will help you to advise them about how to prevent falls and/or identify what is causing their problems or symptoms so you can suggest treatment. (Value: $150)

    Comprehensive Staff Training... on how to hand out surveys and magazine reprints to existing patients to identify additional pathology that your patients have but are not sharing with you; ways to motivate patients and other doctors to refer their friends and patients to you for balance assessment, testing and knowledgeable assistance on the latest billing and coding issues relating to balance testing. (Value: $500)

    2,500 4-page Custom-Made "Magazine Reprints"... featuring you on the cover of Innovative Healthcare magazine along with a three-page interview with you, citing the need for extensive fall assessment evaluations and the benefits of your Fall Assessment Systems, which can be handed out to patients, passed on to your patients’ friends, and sent to referring physicians that position you as a national expert on Fall Risk Analysis and Prevention. (Value: $3,750)

    Complete 150-page Patient Education and Doctor Referral Training Manual... that you or your staff can refer to with scripts, letters and insights into how to build a powerful image; concepts and programs to distinguish you from your peers and methods and materials designed to get tons of referrals from past and present patients, as well as referrals from other healthcare professionals. (Value: $500)

    Direct Mail Campaign to up to 500 Physicians in Your Local Area... which will include a personalized 2-page letter and one of your Reprints introducing you and your practice; detailing the availability of your Fall Assessment Program, to help their patients determine if they have any fall related risks, with instructions on how to contact you. (Value: $1,000)

    Skilled Staff of Professional Assistants... who will follow-up by phone with the physicians who were sent your letters and Reprints in order to see if the doctor received your information, if he or she might be interested in talking to you, or if they would like to refer their patients to you for more sophisticated evaluations regarding balance, dizziness or vertigo problems. (Value: $1,000)

    A Personalized Web Site that is All About Balance.... that will help you attract new patients who have balance and dizziness problems and may be looking for a solution. The main site is However, once we customize it with your unique URL, it will look something like this: When you give out your unique URL and people click on it, they will see the about-balance web site, but when they click on the “Contact the Doctor” in the navigation bar at the top right corner of every page...they will see YOUR information! We are very excited about this new addition, because there are many uses for it. One of the best would be to put it in a customized Google Adwords display ad. (Value: $1,000)

    5,000 4-color Deluxe Preprinted Postcards... featuring you on your Magazine Reprint cover on one side and on the other side an invitation for them to call your office for a copy of the Reprint, with a limited time offer to receive a free consultation and balance test (assuming you have a balance platform), which can be sent out or given to patients and their friends to let them know about your services and motivate them to take advantage of your services. (Value: $500)

    Exclusive Protected Territory... where you are the only doctor who can benefit from the Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program...including ongoing support for a full year. (Value: $1,600)


Complete Ongoing Marketing, Advertising and Business Consulting Services... to help ensure your continued success. (Value: priceless)



Total Value of On-Site Training and Our Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program: $15,000+


What You Can Earn Providing Fall Risk Assessment & VNG Testing


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