Innovative Healthcare Has Many Programs to Financially Benefit Physicians

With Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Systems and VNG Equipment, you can:


  • Enhance your practice and build your income, while helping save insurance companies and Medicare billions of dollars each year;

  • Help seniors eliminate pain and suffering, not to mention loss of income or savings, from undiagnosed potential fall-related injuries; and

  • Be rewarded for providing education and illustration to peers who may be interested in adding Fall Assessment Systems to their practice.
Income Potential for Providing a Fall Assessment Program to Patients
What we are offering is preventative medicine at its finest and insurance companies (including Medicare) don’t mind paying for it. See an example of a doctor currently seeing approximately 50 patients a week over the age of 60 years old, where a staff member is doing a 4-minute Fall Assessment test and the doctor is earning a total annual income of approximately $137,579.
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Become Our Referral Doctor and Receive Tons of Patient Referrals
We are giving several doctors in each city one of our BASIC Fall Assessment Systems to use to test their patients for potential balance and/or dizziness problems.* We will also be setting up one doctor in each city with our COMPREHENSIVE System and all the other doctors doing the BASIC Screening will refer their patients to that doctor for more accurate testing.
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Earn Up To $2,500 for Demonstrating Our New Fall Assessment Systems
We are looking for ONE doctor in your area to be the Demo Site for our new fall assessment and treatment systems. You would use this equipment to test your patients, as well as patients referred to you from other MDs and DOs in your area. In addition to earning an extra $15,000 to $50,000 a month, we will pay you to demonstrate our equipment to other interested doctors.
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IH’s Marketing Package for the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Program
IH provides marketing support to help ensure that you will be successful and that you will be able to share this program with as many patients as possible. We provide everything you'll need: (1) Comprehensive 2-day training; (2) Fall Assessment Surveys; (3) Innovative Healthcare Magazine Reprints; (4) Newspaper Ads, Press Releases, Special Reports; and (7) much more.
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