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“We do it all for you.”


We know you don’t have a lot of time to invest in learning something new, training your staff or seeing more patients.  We also realize that costs are going up and reimbursements are dwindling.  In addition, we understand that insurance companies and Medicare have reduced what ancillary services you can provide to make up for their cuts in payments.

Lastly, we are sensitive to your concerns and fears about the future…the future of healthcare in general, the future regarding being able to afford to stay in practice and the future regarding your being able to continue doing what you love….helping your patients.

Because of all of the above, we not only provide you with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art medical equipment, but we provide you with much, much more.

Innovative Healthcare will provide you and your staff with all of the training and equipment necessary to produce a comprehensive, “turn-key” balance and fall assessment center in your existing office, which will allow you to help provide better care for your patients and reap greater professional and monetary rewards too.



  Balance+Plus Videonystagmography (VNG) System

Balance+Plus offers cutting edge technology that is now available as a portable system using the latest laptops. Our system offers complete real-time eye movement analysis technology that meets the demands and standards for VNG testing. While comfortable for the patient and easy to use for the clinicians, our VNG System enhances the effectiveness of a diagnosis.

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Balance+Plus BASIC Fall Assessment System
In less than 60 seconds, this patented diagnostic device can identify a person at increased risk of falling in less than 60 seconds; providing the clinician with immediate, quantified, age-based norms and automatically "flagging" a patient who fails the balance test, calling the physician's attention to that patient's problem so the physician can decide if further assessment is needed.

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  Balance+Plus Caloric Airrigator II

The BP Caloric Airrigator II is used for "dry" thermal examination of the vestibular organ by means of air. Special features are an extremely precise temperature control and an exact dosage of the air flow - with unchanged stimulation period, a constant level of the transmitted thermal energy is guaranteed. Thus, high reproductivity is achieved.

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  Billing & Coding for the Balance+Plus Program

It is important to use the proper CPT and ICD-9 codes. The following CPT/HCPCS codes we have included will be subjected to "procedure to diagnosis" editing. The lists include only those diagnoses for which the identified CPT/HCPCS procedures are covered. If a covered diagnosis is not on the claim the edit will automatically deny the services as not medically necessary.

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The following is a list of some of the extensive services we provide that makes owning a Balance-Plus Fall Assessment Program simple, easy and very profitable:

1)  In-office (on-site) Consulting, which consists of:

IH Training Programs Will Teach You and/or Your Staff How To:


  • Easily assess your patients’ balance needs using simple techniques where normative data includes age and sex related norms based on over 350,000 patients.
  • Quickly and easily differentiate between peripheral and central vestibular problems and other neurological balance issues.
  • Easily and accurately differentiate which side and which canal the patient has a problem with.
  • Quickly identify patients with Benign Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo and teach your staff to easily treat most cases in a single session.
  • Establish an evidence-based flow chart that identifies patients with fall risk and allows patients without fall risk to exit the protocol in an objective manner rather than subjective based decision making.
  • Create a mechanism that will allow you to implement an optimized treatment plan and provide solutions to improve outcomes for your dizzy patients.
  • Equipment Training for staff (and doctor, if requested) on new equipment used to treat and diagnose patients with balance or fall-related problems, as well as training to prove necessity for treatment and documentation (see below).

    We Will Help Train Your Billing Staff


  • We will make suggestions and recommendations regarding CPT Coding and ICD-9 Coding for your billing person to use for better payments for testing and treatment.
  • In-depth training on the CPT Codes that are necessary, appropriate and reimbursable for providing vestibular therapy and rehab in your office.
  • ICD-9 Training to make sure you are matching the correct ICD-9s with CPT codes.
  • They will learn the “Hows” and “Wheres” about the new Medicare Changes and Updates affecting Vestibular/Balance testing in your area.
  • Our billing specialists will notify you when significant changes occur that affect your practice.
  • Billing and Coding Strategies that combine the best procedures for reimbursement.

    We Will Also Help Train Your Front Office and Back Office Staff


  • Comprehensive Training Manual… filled with all the forms and clinical information necessary to run the business and work with patients.
  • Step-By-Step Instructional Process and Videos for additional education.
  • We will train your front office staff on how to hand out Dizziness Patient Questionnaires to patients and screen them for the doctor.
  • We will teach your staff on how to administer the balance platform testing prior to seeing the doctor for his or her visit.
  • Our Clinical Staff will assist you in establishing a critical workflow for your Balance and Fall Prevention practice.
  • Case Presentation Training helps you to achieve high patient commitment and compliance.
  • Handling Patient Financials in a more effective and efficient manner (deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance).
  • General Office Flow in your office and between your office and your off-site center (surveys, forms, paperwork, processes, ordering of care, etc.).

    Professional Assistance with Interpretations and Analysis of Reports


  • Personalized Data Analysis and Interpretation initially provided by video instruction and communication with professional staff.
  • Additional Diagnostic Support is available on a fee for service basis (online and with over reads).
  • The practice will be set up with a Board Certified Neurologist who will do 30 interpretations over a 60-day period to help train the doctor or staff on how to read the reports at no cost to you.

    2)  On-going Consulting and Follow-up Support consists of:


  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Auditing to make certain that all of the above are flowing effectively and that your office and staff are having fun and performing in a productive manner.
  • Phone conferences with Doctor and Staff to address all the issues and concerns that may arise as you build your new addition.
  • From time to time we will be offering additional programs and strategies that will enhance your practice, income and patient care.
  • Unlimited phone and email support for a minimum of one year.
  • Manuals with printed forms and explanations and a CD with all the forms (in Word format) that are necessary to implement the program will also be provided.

    3)  On-Site and Off-Site Staff Training on the diagnosis and treatment of fall-related conditions through the use of our Balance+Plus Fall Assessments Systems, which includes:

    Every System Is Custom Configured, But A Basic System Will Have The Following:


  • VNG/Vestibular System (may include Calorics)
  • Center of Gravity/Limits of Stability Balance Assessment System
  • Center of Gravity/Limits of Stability Balance Rehabilitation System (optional)
  • Complete System Installation and Setup
  • Comprehensive Staff Training Onsite for all equipment and procedures
  • Comprehensive Billing Solutions and Training for your Business Office
  • Materials and Training for your Marketing Staff
  • Five Full Years Complete Software updates
  • One Full Year Warranty on Hardware (extended warranties are available)

    Balance+Plus Fall Assessment System Features and Benefits:


  • Objective Assessment Protocols
  • Functional Treatment combines the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems
  • Functional assessments
  • Windows based Software
  • Multiple Medical Conditions

    Industry Leading Features for the Balance+Plus VNG System:


  • Lightweight Goggle Assembly
  • Built-In Active Head Rotation (AHR)
  • OnScreen Stimulus eliminates the need for light-bars or projectors.
  • Standard Five-year Software Warranty
  • Introductory Data Analysis and Clinical Support provided by Board Certified Neurologists.
  • Unmatched Service and Support

    4)  On-Site and Off-Site Staff Training on the proper use of forms necessary to implement this system, including the following:


  • Initial Support for the Balance+Plus VNG System and Balance platform
  • VNG Interpretation Client App
  • Setup for VNG Interpretations
  • IH - Patient Balance and Dizziness Survey Step-by-Step Guide
  • IH's Patient Balance and Dizziness Survey
  • IH's VNG Assessment Tool
  • IH's Vestibular Assessment - Questionnaire
  • IH's Patient Instructions
  • Sample VNG Super Bill
  • All forms associated with ordering and providing Diagnostic Testing
  • Letters to Local Doctors about VNG with Reprint

    5)  Role Playing for Doctor and Staff on:


  • How to introduce the existing patients to this new balance testing and diagnostic approach to fall prevention and treatment, using the Patient Balance and Dizziness Survey.
  • How to review the Survey and highlight for the doctor any concerns the patient may have.
  • How to schedule the patient for therapy and promote compliance in the program.

    6)  With regards to staffing:


  • We will interview and train the new staff on the Balance+Plus Systems and Program.
  • We will assist in the negotiation of pay and incentive packages for new and current staff.
  • Provide on-going support via in-office consults, phone interviews, and advanced trainings.




    We will also advise and provide you with strategies and programs that will enhance the income of your general medical practice and help ensure your success with the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Programs.

    Innovative Healthcare (IH) provides various levels of marketing and educational support to help ensure that doctors with balance and fall assessment equipment can be more successful than they are now.  You will be able to share your fall assessment program with as many patients and referring doctors as possible.  Listed below are some of the easy-to-use educational materials and promotional programs that we have developed for our Balance+Plus doctors and which are now available to you.

    Innovative Healthcare’ “Patient Education and Doctor Referral Program” includes:


  • A Unique Fall Assessment Survey designed to determine if patients have fallen in the past or may be predisposed to falling in the future, which will help you advise them about how to prevent falls and/or identify any problems they may have so that you can suggest appropriate treatment. (Value: $150)

  • A Professional Consulting Company that will provide Comprehensive Staff Training on how to hand out surveys and magazine reprints to existing patients in order to identify additional pathology that your patients may have but are not sharing with you. In addition, you will learn ways to motivate them and encourage other doctors to refer their friends and patients to you for balance assessment. You will also receive knowledgeable assistance about balance testing techniques and the latest billing and coding issues related to balance testing.  (Value: $500)

  • 2,500 four-page Custom-MadeMagazine Reprints,” featuring you on the cover of Innovative Healthcare magazine, and including a three-page interview with you, citing the need for extensive fall assessment evaluations and the benefits of your Fall Assessment Systems. These can be handed out to patients, passed on to your patients’ friends, and sent to referring physicians that position you as a national expert on Fall Risk Analysis and Prevention. (Value: $3,750)

  • A Comprehensive 150-page Patient Education & Doctor Referral Training Manual that you or your staff can refer to with scripts, letters, and insights into how to build a powerful image; concepts and programs to distinguish you from your peers, and methods and materials designed to get referrals from past and present patients, as well as referrals from other healthcare professionals. (Value: $500)

  • A Professional Marketing Company that will tailor a Direct Mail Campaign for you to reach up to 500 Physicians, which will include a personalized two-page letter and one of your reprints introducing you and your practice. Details will be provided about the availability of your Fall Assessment Program, which will help patients determine if they have any fall-related risks, along with instructions on how to contact you. (Value: $1,000)

  • A Skilled Staff of Professional Assistants who will follow up by phone with the physicians who were sent your letters and reprints in order to see if a doctor received your information. Our staff will determine if that doctor might be interested in talking with you or if they would like to refer their patients to you for more sophisticated evaluations regarding problems with balance, dizziness, or vertigo. (Value: $1,000)

  • Various Cost-Effective Articles, Press Releases, and Newspaper Ads written for you, which can be sent to local, regional, and national print, television, and online media sources to create news stories and publicity about you and your clinic. (Value: $1,000)

  • 5,000 four-color Deluxe Preprinted Postcards featuring you on your Magazine Reprint cover on one side and an invitation for them to call your office for a copy of the reprint, along with a limited-time offer to receive a free consultation and balance test (assuming you have a balance platform), on the other side. These postcards can be sent out or given to patients and their friends to motivate them to take advantage of your offers and services. (Value: $500)

  • An Exclusive Protected Territory, where you are the only doctor who can benefit from the Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program, including ongoing support for a full year! (Value: $1,600)

    Total Value of our Comprehensive Installation and Training, including our unique Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program:  $15,000

    Our goal is to devise a system designed to work around your existing practice and provide you with an ancillary income that is passive by nature without you having to take a lot of your time to analyze it, organize it or implement it!



    Unfortunately for many patients, Doctors are typically in reactive mode – simply addressing the complaint the patient presents to them – so they are missing almost all of this pathology that patients are keeping to themselves.

    Most of these incidents can be avoided by doctors taking a pro-active approach and asking the patients if they have experienced any problems or concerns related to dizziness or balance.  This is preventative medicine at its finest and insurance companies (including Medicare) don’t mind paying for it.

    We submit that many patients who come to your office will not be there for anything related to dizziness.  So, we suggest your front office staff hand each patient over the age of 60 an impressive Magazine Reprint featuring you on the front and a 3-page interview with you inside.  This reprint will educate and motivate the patient to want to know more about testing.

    In addition to the reprint, the front desk person should also give each patient our Patient Balance and Dizziness Survey to fill out while they sit in your waiting room.  This questionnaire has 15 simple yes-or-no questions, such as “Have you ever felt dizzy in the last year?”, “Have you ever fallen?”, “Are you sometimes afraid of falling?”

    All of the questions asked on our proactive Surveys are related to dizziness and it takes them just a couple of minutes to fill it out.  Most people will be there for some reason other than dizziness, but in your type of practice, we’ve found almost 100% of patients over 60 would answer “yes” to one or more questions related to dizziness.

    Because of the significant increase in patients who “may” have balance problems and the subsequent increase in reimbursements from the insurance companies and Medicare, we suggest that those patients who give positive answers on the questionnaire should then be tested on the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment System (balance platform) using CPT code 97750 or 92548 for reimbursements.

    Our experience has been that 50-75% of those patients will fail the Fall Assessment Test, which would justify further testing on your VNG & Caloric Testing System.  (CPT codes 92541, 92542, 92543, 92545, 92546).

    The real benefit from doing the above is identifying ALL the pathology in ALL your patients who may be at risk for falling.  We have found that doctors who use our education and referral programs (like the one attached to the end of this letter) typically DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE their current fall assessment income.



    The projections on the last two pages of this Proposal are generic projections based on an existing office seeing approximately 50 patients per week who are over the age of 60.  A more detailed projection, based upon the actual patient visits and new patients per month that your office is seeing, is available at your request.  If you have not already completed a personalized Income Projection, please contact us for more details.

    There are 4 potential sources of income from this program:


    Balance+Plus Fall Assessment Testing (FAS): The Balance+Plus Fall Assessment system is designed to quantify a person's ability to maintain balance through postural sway measurements. Increased postural sway is a strong indicator of poor balance and a leading cause of falls. Using the Balance+Plus test protocols, a clinician may determine the cause of the balance problem or that further testing is medically necessary. If appropriate, the physician can use the Balance+Plus VNG System to further diagnose the patient's problem and refer that patient to the best specialist for treatment. This test takes about 2-3 minutes and can be done by a staff member along with checking blood pressure and weight.


    Balance+Plus VNG Testing (VNG System):  Testing will typically take between 30 and 45 minutes and the tech will be able to perform 6-7 studies per day. Again, this can be done by any staff member who has been trained by our certified trainer. It does not have to be performed by the doctor, which frees up the doctor to continue helping his or her other patients.


    Balance+Plus Fall Prevention Training (optional) (FAST): Since Training is driven based on the results of the above testing, there are always fewer patients in the training phase than in the testing phase. Typically about 50% of these patients tested will qualify for training. Each patient will go through between 5 and 10 one hour sessions spread over 2-3 weeks. A single training tech can treat or train 8 individual patients per day. Since an individual patient may come in 2 times per week (3 times per week at most), you would have 2 groups of 8 patients in the cycle at any given time. It is our understanding that in order to get reimbursed by Medicare for these treatments, using physical therapy CPT Codes, the physician must have a physical therapist on staff.


    Honorarium for Being a Balance+Plus Demo Site:  A Balance+Plus Demo Doctor is a physician who has purchased the Balance+Plus Fall Assessment and VNG Systems, has been through the complete training process, and has demonstrated proficiency in the use of the equipment.  He or she (or a trained staff member) should be able to demonstrate the equipment, answer technical and clinical questions, and have a strong level of certainty when it comes to the results possible using the Balance+Plus equipment and testing procedures.  For providing demos to doctors we refer to you who are interested in purchasing our equipment, we will pay you $2,500.


    * We have only addressed (1) & (2) above in this proposal.




    In order to help you make a more intelligent decision, we strongly suggest that you allow us to go through the following systematic 5-Step Process with you:


    Step 1 We need to find out what you are currently doing in your practice to see if you would qualify for our Fall Assessment Demo Site Program.  If you have not already completed a VNG Demo Doctor Questionnaire, we need answers to the following:

  • How many patients are you seeing over the age of 60 — per week?
  • Do you currently have or use VNG or ENG equipment?
  • Do you have the space and staff to implement the program?

    Step 2:  Once we have the above information, we will create a personalized “Income Projection” and send it to you for your review.  We will also schedule a phone consultation which should take 15-30 minutes to discuss your projection and answer any questions you may have.  We may have already completed this step.  If not, during this call, we will:


  • Go over the CPT codes you will use when testing and diagnosing patients;
  • Show you exactly what Medicare will reimburse you for these codes in your area; and
  • Calculate (using national averages for your specialty) approximately how much you will earn each year in additional income providing Fall Assessment testing.

    Step 3:  Once you agree that providing VNG (Fall Assessment) testing is financially beneficial, we will schedule an appointment with you and Richard Gant (our CEO) to discuss the details of the program and how the equipment works.


  • Prior to your phone consult with Richard Gant, we will send you our detailed and comprehensive “We Do It ALL for YOU” Proposal to review (the one you are currently reading).  It will show you exactly what it takes to provide fall assessment and what we provide to help you be more successful (like our Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program).
  • You and Richard Gant will discuss the efficacy of our cutting-edge Fall Assessment equipment, why we feel our equipment is the best in the market and how your patients will benefit from these much needed services.
  • Richard Gant will answer ALL of your questions, send you any supporting documentation, studies or articles you request and give you everything you need to help you make an intelligent decision regarding adding Fall Assessment testing to your practice.

    Step 4:  If you want to learn how to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your Fall Assessment income and help many more patients in the process, we will also schedule an appointment with you and Richard Gant (our marketing expert), who will teach you how to promote your new services and share with you some of our proprietary low- to no-cost patient education and doctor referral concepts and materials.


  • He will show you a copy of our customized Magazine Reprint (which will be created for you) and tell you how to use it to get many more fall assessment referrals from your existing patients.
  • He will share with you what other doctors are doing in their offices to educate their patients and motivate more of them to get tested.
  • He may also discuss “other” practice-building or income-generating ideas and strategies you can implement in your practice to increase your income, help you hedge against any upcoming financial challenges and provide better care for your patients.

    Step 5:  Once you have validated that (1) this program makes sense financially and (2) we have convinced you that your patients can benefit from this new service, we will then discuss how you can get started and the advantages of being one of our national Fall Assessment Demo Sites.  Below are some of the benefits you will receive as one of our Demo Sites.

    • We will give you one of our BASIC Fall Assessment Systems (the balance platform) — FREE;

    • We will also provide you with our $10,000 Patient Education & Doctor Referral Program listed above (which includes 2,500 Magazine Reprints) — at no cost to you; and

    • We will pay you a $2,500 honorarium for each successful demonstration one of your staff members performs with doctors we send to you.

    Innovative Healthcare is on a mission to help Doctors find new and cutting edge equipment and cost-conscious treatments to offer existing patients and to attract new ones.  This will enable a medical practice (your practice) to expand into new areas.


    To give you an idea of what this could mean for a small practice, here is an actual projection for a doctor in Dallas, Texas who was only seeing about 50 patients a week over the age of 60.

    Medicare reimbursement in his area for 30-45 minutes of his or his staff's time is around $377.64 (This number came from the 2014 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Website for the "Dallas, TX" area). Commercial insurance could pay as much as $600-$1,000…or more.


    If you survey the 50 patients you are seeing each week who are over 60, you will probably find that about 50% of them will give answers to the fall-related questions that would cause any responsible physician to want to investigate further.

    If 50% of your patients need objective testing to determine their potential for falling and injuring themselves, that means approximately 25 of your patients each week will need to be tested using our BASIC Fall Assessment System.

    Usually, more than 75% of the patients who test positive on the balance platform need further diagnostic testing. However, if only 50% (instead of 75%) of your patients need further evaluation and testing, that means approximately 12.5 patients per week should have a Comprehensive Evaluation done and then (if appropriate) be tested using the VNG and Caloric Systems.

    Based on collecting $137,579.00 for the BASIC Fall Assessment testing (the balance platform) and $245,466.00 for the COMPREHENSIVE diagnostic testing with the VNG and Caloric ($377.64 per patient from Medicare), you would earn approximately $383,045.00 per year.



    Income Projection

    Note: CPT Coding paradigms, ICD9 Diagnostic codes, Sample EOBs and proforma information can be provided upon request and will be formatted to fit your particular situation..

    * This Business Proposal may contain forward-looking statements and financial results such as revenues, expenses, income, capital expenditures, operating margins, financial position, expected results of operations and other financial items. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, uncertainties and assumptions ("Risk Factors") that make the timing, extent, likelihood and degree of occurrence of these matters difficult to predict. In addition, words such as "believes," "estimates," "expects," "intends," "should," "could," "will," variations of such words and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. There are a number of factors, many of which are beyond the Company's control, which could cause actual results and outcomes to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. Although the information provided in this report is certainly not atypical, how you choose to operate your business will have the most significant impact on the overall outcome. Furthermore, the Company expressly disclaims any obligation to update, amend or clarify forward-looking statements.