We Are Very Excited To Announce Our NEW Referral Doctor Program

Once you learn more about the need for BASIC Fall Assessment Screening, you will start to realize that what we have to offer is not only timely, but very necessary.


America is being confronted by a dramatic epidemic of geriatric falls. Over 90 million Americans, age 17 and older, have experienced a dizziness or balance problem. Each year, approximately 300,000 Americans over 64 break their hips. Current studies now show that up to 33 percent of older adults with a hip fracture die within a year.


We feel that we have created a partial solution to this growing problem: It’s called our “Fall Assessment Patient Referral Program” and this is how this program works:


1. We will be giving several doctors in each city one of our BASIC Fall Assessment Systems to use to test their patients for potential balance and/or dizziness problems*

2. We will train the office staff of each of these doctors to do the following:


a. Discover all patients who might be at risk of falls and serious injury because of balance/dizziness issues. This is accomplished by having all patients over the age of 60 complete a a Patient Balance and Dizziness Survey. Our experience indicates about 75% of those patients will answer “yes” to one or more of those questions. So, for an office that sees 20 patients/week who are over 60, about 15 will proceed to step 2 for the initial screening.

The Medicare Allowable Reimbursement for this test varies by region, but is approximately $100/test. This earns about $1,500/week or more than $75,000/year.

b. Test all patients who did answer “yes” to any of those questions on that questionnaire. This test would be done with the BASIC Fall Assessment System (balance platform). It takes about 3-4 minutes/patient to administer this test. Our experience indicates that for 50-75% of those patients, the system will show they are significantly deviated from what’s normal for that age and weight. That means about 10 patients/week will fail the BASIC Fall Assessment test.

Now we’re left with the question of what to do with these patients who need a comprehensive diagnosis for their dizziness/balance issues.


3. Because very few doctors have the equipment necessary to do this testing, we will be setting up one doctor in each city with our COMPREHENSIVE VNG & Caloric Equipment and all the other doctors doing the BASIC Fall Assessment Screening will refer their patients to that doctor for more accurate testing.

With Medicare rewarding Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's) and bonuses being paid for providing better care for patients, it is now time to seriously consider adding fall assessment to the services you offer in your practice. It is not only good medicine, but it may soon be mandatory.


The real benefit from doing the above is identifying ALL the pathology in ALL patients who may be at risk for falling and reducing the unnecessary pain and suffering (and even death) they may experience from fall-related injuries.


If you want to help hundreds of your patients avoid needless pain and suffering from unnecessary fall-related injuries — and — you want to find out how to increase your revenues with a program that helps patients, is paid by all insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) and doesn’t take up much of your time, feel free to contact us now...while this program is still being offered.

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