The Balance+Plus COMPREHENSIVE Videonystagmography (VNG) System Includes

Every System Is Custom Configured for Your Needs, but a Typical System Will Look Like the Following:


  • VNG (Videonystagmography) System (may include a Caloric Irrigator)
  • Center of Gravity/Limits of Stability BASIC Balance Assessment System
  • Center of Gravity/Limits of Stability Balance Rehabilitation System (optional)
  • Complete System Installation and Setup
  • Comprehensive Staff Training Onsite for all equipment and procedures
  • Comprehensive Billing Solutions and Training for your Business Office
  • Materials and Training for your Marketing Staff
  • Five Full Years Complete Software updates
  • One Full Year Warranty on Hardware (extended warranties are available)
  • Physician Training in Diagnosis and Assessment of Balance and Vestibular Problems
  • 30 Diagnostic over-reads by MD or PhD Staff to Support the Physician Training and Implementation
  • Additional Diagnostic Support is available on a fee for service basis

    Balance+Plus Fall Assessment System Features and Benefits


  • Objective Assessment Protocols
  • Functional Treatment combines the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems
  • Functional assessments
  • Windows based Software
  • Multiple Medical Conditions

    Industry Leading Features for the Balance+Plus VNG System


  • Lightweight Goggle Assembly
  • Built-In Active Head Rotation (AHR)
  • OnScreen Stimulus eliminates the need for light-bars or projectors.
  • Introductory Data Analysis and Clinical Support provided by Board Certified Neurologists.
  • Unmatched Service and Support

    Balance and Vestibular Testing and Training System


    Our Training Programs Will Help You To:

  • Easily assess your patients' balance needs using simple techniques where normative data includes age and sex related norms based on over 350,000 patients.
  • Quickly and easily differentiate between peripheral and central vestibular problems and other neurological balance issues.
  • Easily and accurately differentiate which side and which canal the patient has a problem with.
  • Quickly identify patients with Benign Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo and teach your staff to easily treat most cases in a single session.
  • Establish an evidence based flow chart that both identifies patients with fall risk allows patients without fall risk to exit the protocol in an objective manner rather than subjective based decision making.
  • Create a mechanism that will allow you to implement an optimized treatment plan and provide solutions to improve outcomes for your dizzy patients.
  • Learn the “hows” and “wheres” about the new Medicare Changes and Updates affecting Vestibular/Balance testing in your area.
  • Our billing specialists will notify you when significant changes occur that affect your practice.
  • Our Clinical Staff will assist you in establishing a critical workflow for your Balance and Fall Prevention practice.

    Other Benefits You Get Only from the Balance+Plus Program


  • Coding and Analysis Professional Reports
  • CPT Coding and ICD-9 Coding Report
  • Dizziness Patient Questionnaire
  • Fall Prevention Dizziness Questionnaires
  • Published Fall Prevention Normative Data (350,000+Patients in the database)
  • Balance Norms
  • Step By Step Instructional Process
  • One-to-Three Days of Training Course (depending on Equipment)
  • DVD video Training Library
  • Personalized Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Medicare Billing and other third party Billing Support
  • How to Obtain and Maintain Physician Referrals
  • Access to Proven Marketing and Other Materials


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